Real Outrage

If you live in a district where there’s a Republican member of the House representing you, please call tonight and tomorrow to urge them to for a third time vote against the AHCA, otherwise known as Trumpcare.

It will take health care away from 24 million Americans in order to give a trillion dollar tax cut to multi billionaires. Pure and simple. Anything else they tell you is an outright lie. Total bullshit.

Trump supporters – is this truly the “man of the people” that you thought was your white knight? The man who swore to “drain the swamp” but has surrounded himself with Goldman Sachs billionaires?

Yesterday I talked about the faux outrage being shown by the right-wing bots when their big guy got insulted on television and called out for being a sanctimonious prick. (He is a sanctimonious prick – deal with it.)

Today, here’s my real outrage:

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