Do You See Any Town Halls Scheduled?

Some pundit on the news tonight said that the House had adjourned for a week following their “victory” in ramming TrumpCare through (without debate, without being available for public comments, without the OMB being able to give any information about its costs and effects) and they would now all be going to their home districts to hold Town Hall meetings and get together with their constituents.

Whatever she’s smoking, I want some. It’s gotta be the good shit!

The last recess the one or two Town Halls that Republicans tried to hold had the Congresscritters being no-shows. This was due to the huge number of extremely pissed off constituents waiting there to ask why the Congressman was trying to kill people and not doing his fucking job. There was even video of one guy getting there, seeing the crowd, and ducking out a back door into a waiting car while reporters and camera crews were chasing him.

So, to summarize – oligarchs, liars, traitors, AND cowards.

See this? This is my surprised face.

Let me know if you see any Town Halls actually being scheduled by any Republicans, let alone having them actually show up and face the music.

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