Note Their Names

The disgusting, evil, petulant, psychotic “leaders” of the Republican Party in the House of Representatives today were successful in arm twisting enough of their members to allow them to pass one of the most heinous, nauseating pieces of legislation in US history.

If ever signed into law (it won’t be, but more on that in a second) it would make it impossible for over 24 million Americans to get health care, leaving them to simply get sick and die. Pure. And. Simple. What goal did this accomplish? It allowed them to give a billion dollar tax break to billionaires who are trying to decided if they should buy their fourth private Caribbean island or their tenth private jet. For this, children will die when the cures are readily available.

The odds of this legislation ever becoming law are astronomical because it has to get passed by the Senate, when it has already been declared by the GOP leaders in the Senate. When your “friends” or “teammates” are telling you that you fucked up and are wasting your time, you might want to listen to them.

What this legislation has done is shaken the bushes and flushed out the snakes. Note carefully which Republicans voted “yes” on this bill. Pay special attention to the nineteen who had voted “no” on the first two versions that failed, but flipped their vote today. These nineteen are the slimiest of the slimy.

You see, in case it’s not already crystal clear, the objection to the earlier versions by the ultra right-wingers (i.e., Nazis or Tea Partiers, they’re all the same) was that it didn’t deny healthcare to enough people. Too many poor people were allowed to live. IT WASN”T FUCKING EVIL **ENOUGH**!

But this third bill? It will condemn the old, the young, and above all, it will condemn women. So these nineteen voted for it.

Thanks for self identifying, folks! Now we know who to target first when we go after the “leaders” who are trying to turn this country into a third world dictatorship.

Personally, I won’t be happy until every Representative who voted “yes” is working the graveyard shift at a McDonald’s and having to try to keep themselves and their families fed, housed, and alive on minimum wage and the health care plan they voted for today.

I know it won’t happen, but a guy’s gotta have something to dream for, right?

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