Starting with the Liar-In-Chief himself,

I’m astonished today by the number of “patriots” who continue to wrap themselves in the flag and attempt to portray themselves as the last true defender of truth, justice, and the American way – all while rabidly defending a fucking traitor and Russian spy found in the highest levels of our government and intelligence community.

It boggles the mind. These cult followers (i.e., Republicans) are so blindly obsessed with hating Obama (who’s gone) and hating Democrats (who don’t control the House, the Senate, the White House, the Supreme Court, the state legislatures, or the governorships) that they can’t see that they have become the EXACT thing that they feared the most and fought against the hardest.

Can you even imagine the response if Obama had tweeted seven times in one day (in incomplete and incoherent partial sentences) about “The Fake News?” Can you even imagine how the GOP would have gone for the throat if a member of the Obama White House had been “compromised” by Russian intelligence.

It leaves me gobsmacked.

Yet, when Trump does it these cretins hear it as a rallying cry to protect all that used to be right with the United States. MAGA!

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