October 20, 1973 To May 09, 2017

On October 20, 1973, Richard Nixon illegally fired Archibald Cox. Cox was a Special Prosecutor who was investigating Watergate and had refused a direct order from the White House to stop seeking access to secret recordings made by Nixon. It’s still known as the “Saturday Night Massacre.”

On May 09, 2017, Donald Trump illegally fired James Comey, head of the FBI, an organization that has multiple ongoing investigations into the connections between Trump and members of his regime who have been compromised by their intimate contacts with Russia, an enemy state.

On August 8, 1974, 292 days after he illegally fired Archibald Cox, Richard Nixon resigned the Presidency of the United States.

Anyone want to give odds that Trump makes it to February 25, 2018?

This goes one of two ways. Either the GOP Congress somehow manages to ignore the tidal wave of outrage over the blatant corruption and outright treason being shown by the Trump Administration and we end up in a Constitutional Crisis of a magnitude not seen since the Civil War over 150 years ago, or even the sniveling sycophants and toadies in Washington realize how much shit we’re in and they impeach Trump’s ass and throw him in jail. I don’t see any viable third option.

It’s May 9th. A better question than if Trump will make it to February would be if Trump makes it to August 8th.


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