What The Fuck Are They Waiting For?

I guess we should have seen it coming when Trump was caught on tape admitting to repeated sexual assaults prior to the election, and then BRAGGING about it.

After the completely unprecedented move of firing the FBI Director who was in charge of the investigation into his treason, SCROTUS today admitted in an interview with Lester Holt that he did it to cut short the investigation. While claiming that he wasn’t being investigated.

The associate White House press secretary also admitted it during today’s news briefing.

They’ve confessed, on the record, to obstructing justice. The same thing that got Nixon impeached. Plus the whole list of other impeachable offenses that we have evidence for, up to and including treason.

Yet Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are sitting there, fat and happy, without even criticizing the so-called President who is by the hour shredding the Constitution and dismantling our government.








Perhaps someone at the FBI, the Joint Chiefs, or the Supreme Court (or ideally, a committee from all of the above) could suggest they get off their asses before they end up in adjoining cells at Leavenworth.


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