One Fifty-Four

Our democracy is undergoing an incredible stress test right now, on a par with the Constitutional crisis of Watergate. We can only hope it doesn’t make it to the level of strain (and casualty count) of the Civil War over 150 years ago. All of that bloodshed in the 1860s bought our survival from that crisis, despite the fact that we’re still learning from the experience.

The multiple crises being brought down on us by Trump, his sycophants, and his nihilist yes-men have the potential to be that bad – or worse.

What do we do if he’s impeached but refuses to leave?

What do we do if he simply tries to suspend the Constitution or declare martial law?

What do we do if he tries to start a major war in order to deflect attention away from his treason?

Like the 777 test aircraft in this video, our Constitution and democratic system have been built strong and flexible – but not unbreakable under any conceivable circumstances.

Let’s make sure that our way of life never gets tested to failure like that 777 wing was. Let’s do whatever we need to in order to ensure that our government and society never get to one hundred fifty-four percent of rated stress.

Unlike that controlled and contained test to failure, out in the real world things get very messy and can take generations to repair – if they can be repaired at all.

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