Who’s Next?

Is it too early to start trying to figure out where the bouncing ball of the Presidency is going to end up when Trump is tossed into Leavenworth?

I didn’t think so.

Here’s the big difference between previous scandals (say, Watergate for example) and the Trump cult coup debacle. The GOP blocked and dragged their feet and made excuses for years with Nixon, but when the landslide of evidence slowly made it clear what the outcome would be and the rats deserted Nixon, there were still thousands of dedicated civil servants to keep the government running. Most importantly, we had Gerald Ford to hold it together. Say what you want about the man being as dull as dirt, he was the President we needed in that crisis and he came through.

This time? This time we’re just a tad more fucked.

It’s not just Trump that’s corrupt, evil, compromised, treasonous, and actively ignoring the rule of law and shredding the Constitution. It’s also Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell and about 90% of the Trump Regime Cabinet members – and it’s Pence.

Pence has been trying to lay low, but more and more information is coming out that is showing that he was involved up to the eyebrows in this entire clusterfuck.

Trump may resign, he may be impeached, or he may get the boot under the 25th Amendment – but when he goes, what do we do if the evidence is piling up that Pence is just as bad and just as guilty?

Aside from the fact that there’s NO procedure or legal precedent for impeaching or removing multiple members of our senior White House team (and right this second probably wouldn’t be a good time to start introducing that legislation), with ALL of them under investigation, who gets the gig for this week?

For reference, the current order of succession is:

  1. Mike Pence (Vice President) – For the record, another truly evil fucker
  2. Paul Ryan (Speaker Of The House) – Not only another truly evil fucker, but today a newspaper in his home town said that he needed to be replaced with an adult, while it was unfair to call him a “lapdog” because lap dogs actually had a minimial amount of usefullness.
  3. Orrin Hatch (President pro tempore of the Senate) – I was surprised while doing some research on him, but Senator Hatch might actually not 100% suck and be a nightmare. He wouldn’t be my first choice in any kind of an election – unless he was running against Trump, Pence, Ryan, Tillerson, Mnuchin, Devos, Carson… However, having said that, there have been at least a couple of instances where I thought he looked okay for a Republican

    Secretary of State Rex Tillerson – An evil billionaire (“Drain the swamp!”) who used to be the CEO of Exxon-Mobil and is currently negotiating over $500B (that’s half a freakin’ TRILLION dollars!) worth of oil and gas leases with the Russians. No conflict of interest here, nothing to look at, move along! Move along…


    Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin – An evil billionaire from Goldman Sachs who is now in charge of “policing” all of his old friends that helped to make him a billionaire. Can you say “conflict of interest”? Sure, i knew you could!)


    Defense Secretary James Mattis – I could actually settle for “Mad Dog” Mattis – despite the funky nickname, he has a pretty good reputation as a bright guy who did a great job leading his troops. We could do a lot worse, and by the looks of things, we’ll be forced to at least six times.

After that it’s cabinet members all the way down, ranging from bad (Labor Secretary Alex Acosta at #11) to really bad (Energy Secretary Rick Perry at #15) to holy-fucking-shit-are-you-kidding-me-can-we-get-SCROTUS-back-pretty-pretty-please-with-a-cherry-on-top bad (Education Secretary Betsy DeVos at #16 and HUD Secretary Ben Carson at #13).

What a fucking mess!

At what point will the Supreme Court and the Joint Chiefs of Staff combine forces and step in to restore order?

Or Putin, maybe? I hear he’s tanned, rested, and ready!

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