World Leader On A Global Stage

When did the bar get so low that reading a speech in public without having to follow the text along with your finger and sound out the big words made you “finally look Presidential?”

When did we start to normalize “didn’t fall asleep after a full three-hour workday” into accepting that it’s okay that he’s “exhausted” and cancelling meetings with foreign leaders without warning?

Foreign leaders are putting up with this shit because on paper he’s the leader of the biggest economic and military power on the planet. Would they put up with this sort of behavior from the Prime Minister of Tuvalu? Or would they politely be too busy to meet and suggest they might be more productive in someone else’s country?

If we’re going to insist on putting this ignorant clown out there on display as our “leader,” a man suffering from mental illness, delusions, racism, a sexual predator, and a man incapable of uttering a full sentence without reading what someone else has written (and even there it’s hit or miss), how long will it be before the Saudi princes, Israeli government, and Pope start politely saying they’re too busy to meet and suggesting that perhaps the Prime Minister of Tuvalu could use an intern, a great position if someone had any interest in all in learning how governments actually work and how adults act.

The clock’s ticking here, folks. Our country looks more stupid and more like a third world banana republic with every day this fucker’s on the loose.

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