Because He Doesn’t Know

Someone pointed out that SCROTUS had spewed out ten tweets today, five of which were about “fake news.” Of the five “fake news” stories, of course, all are being reported by multiple independent sources, and one of them was confirmed to be true by one of SCROTUS’s own tweets shortly after he called it fake.

This again demonstrates that Trump’s an irrational and deranged lunatic, but that’s not news either.

Someone else pointed out that not one of the ten tweets mentioned the incident in Portland yesterday nor the two men who died as heroes, defending an innocent stranger from a white supremacist terrorist.

That actually made sense to me – because my money says that Trump doesn’t know about the terrorist attack in Portland yesterday. It’s a fact that the doesn’t read his intelligence briefings, and he only gets his news from Fox.

And guess what? Fox isn’t covering the story!! I just checked their website, and CNN’s, and MSNBC’s, and the New York Times’.  Everyone else has it as a front page story. Fox doesn’t have it AT ALL in their first 60+ stories listed on their front page. NOT. ONE. FUCKING. WORD.

So the reason SCROTUS didn’t tweet about it? HE. DOESN’T. KNOW. IT. HAPPENED.

Even if his staff tried to tell him, he didn’t listen. Fox isn’t reporting it.

THIS is the fucking idiot we have “leading” us.

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