Dare We Hope For A Peaceful Transition Of Power?

In the last year or so of the Obama administration I recall any number of mouth-breathing, right-wing conspiracy theorists shitting themselves over the perceived threat of Obama declaring martial law, throwing out the November 2016 election or just not allowing there to be an election to begin with, an establishing himself as a permanent dictator or “President For Life” or some other bullshit.

Note that all of the slime molds spouting this bullshit crawled back under their rocks when, as 99.999999% of the people on the planet expected, NOTHING HAPPENED and Trump took the oath of office.

Granted, he took it in front of teeny, tiny crowds and his wife and kid moved back to New York forcing us to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for security because she can’t stand being in the same state as him, and he spends almost every weekend playing golf and passing out intelligence secrets to total strangers at a property he owns, thus forcing us to pay tens of millions of dollars more into his pockets illegally.. But that’s not what we’re here to talk about…

Now that Jared and Manafort and Kelly and Sessions and Pence and Bannon and Trump are all under at least a couple of different investigations for conspiracy, obstruction of justice, espionage, and treason, what will happen when the day comes that Congress and/or the Supreme Court and/or the Joint Chiefs of Staff declare Trump to either be an impeached felon and/or mentally incompetent to exercise the office?

That day might be far, far sooner than most people might expect.

Will Trump go quietly, not off to Mar-A-Lago or San Clemency perhaps but to an 8×8 cell at the Greybar Hotel? Will he leave office, even if it’s in handcuffs, allowing someone (not Pence, not Ryan, both of whom will also be in handcuffs) to take the oath of office?

And if he doesn’t… If he refuses to go… If he brings down on us a Constitution crisis equaled only by the American Civil War of over 150 years ago, then will the above-mentioned “patriots” demand that he leave office and honor the Constitution that he swore to “defend and protect?

Or will they try to justify his actions, make excuses, find ways to rationalize in their own puny, pathetic minds how it’s Trump who’s trying to “save” the United States by finalizing the coup and transition to a dictatorship which his cronies and the Russian interference in the election started?

I know where my odds are on that one, if I can get anyone in Vegas to take the action.

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