FaceBook Could Help

These are trying times we live in – we can all use any help we can get. It occurs to me tonight that FaceBook has in its power the ability to take a major step to releasing a tiny little bit of stress for us.

For the longest time of course, we could only “like” a FaceBook post. We would tap and that little blue “thumbs up!” icon would let the world know that we approved!

Now we have options:

Great, but do you see it? Do you see the unwitting error in their user interface design?

Look at how far over that “anger” icon is! And “sad” is almost as bad!

C’mon, admit it, how many posts do you react to with the “like” or “love” icons? Proportionately? 1% maybe? Yeah, the occasional cat or puppy video, maybe a cute picture from a second cousin’s graduation. But it’s not like the old days.

“Haha” or “wow” are even more useless these days. With all of that political bullshit going on, there’s just no room left on the internet for pictures of people texting while walking and going into fountains. As for the videos of punk kids parkour failing and smashing their faces on the pavement as they go off of a third story roof, they’re just not as “wow” getting as watching Western Civilization go down in flames.

It’s a tough market!

If you’re anything like me, it’s that “angry” icon that’s working double overtime, with “sad” a close second. So why are those two icons so far out there on the right? Every single time I see something on FaceBook I have to slide all the way over past all of those other icons to get to the ones I’m using 99.99+% of the time.

So, Mark Zuckerberg, help us out! Think of all of the thumb skin cells that we can save by not sliding across the screen so much! Think of all of the Gorilla Glass molecules that are dying every day from frantic friction when they deserve to live!

Move the icons that we’re using the most over to where it’s a short reach for them! Better yet, make the “mad” icon the default, a position which it so richly deserves!

Given the role that FaceBook and other social media sites have played in changing society to get us into this simmering bucket of shit to begin with, it would seem to be the least that you could do.

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