The Pigeons Are Winning!

Shit, no wonder I didn’t get any comments on this post! When you hit “save” instead of “publish,” you probably shouldn’t be allowed out in public without an adult.

From Saturday, June 3rd, with some appropriate clean up for the tenses.

I shamelessly stole this from David Marquez over on FaceBook:

Saturday I made a mistake in a face-to-face encounter with a co-worker, a known Trump cult member, and a vocal and aggressive one at that. I only said “I will not discuss politics” twenty times, when the situation called for at least twenty-one.

“Give me one example!” So I gave him ten.

He spouted total gibberish, such as “the CO2 levels do this all the time!” I pointed out the evidence and cited locations where he can see it for himself.

“That’s fake!” He proceeded to spout bullshit about how the Paris Accords will destroy the United States economy, citing the West Virginia coal mining industry as an example.

Gave him facts on how few people are employed by the US coal mining industry and how many are employed in renewable energy industries. Got a bullshit response about how solar and wind will never work because of night and calm days.

One word – “batteries.”

Get a load of propaganda about how China’s building ten new coal-fired power plants a week…

And that’s another hour of my life that I’ll never be able to get back.

The pigeons are multiplying and winning.

Anyone want some squab?

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