A Show Of Hands, Please?

The overlord of hype, bombast, and bullshit, his SCROTUSness himself, says that he’s perfectly willing to testify under oath to refute those horrible, nasty, evil things being said about him.

The assumption his Cluelessness makes is that we’ll all believe without question that anything and everything he says under oath will be 100% the truth.

Given that he’s a pathological liar who seems to be incapable of even determining the difference between the truth and lies, given that he’s shown blatant disregard for even the pretense of honoring the office of the Presidency, the law, or the Constitution, given that he appears to be so delusional that he might actually believe the blatant, bald-faced bullshit that spews from his face…

…given all of that, who among us believes that he will tell the absolute truth, even under oath at a Congressional hearing, even with the consequences of his lies at that point being impeachment and jail time?

A quick show of hands?



Anyone at all?


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