Still Here

I’ve not gone away, just working on several simultaneous deadlines from Hell and there just aren’t enough hours in the day. I figure anyone who’s relying on this site as a primary source of outrage really, really needs to get a Twitter account…

I’ll be back to bitch and whine as time becomes available, but with what little time I can spare to write, I’ll stay focused on my original site where my established audience is a bit larger.

You can go over there tonight and see pictures from the TrailCam on my roof where a pair of raccoons were making baby raccoons. I know they were successful because there’s a whole freakin’ crowd of raccoons up on my roof every night!

Watching a pair of fucking raccoons (see what I did there?) has got to be better for the psyche than listening to one more outraged old phart screaming about SCROTUS and his army of evil orc minions, does’t it?

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