Today’s Lying Sack Of Shit

You can’t make this stuff up…

To be clear, technically, in the most strict, exacting interpretation of this new “law,” Mr. Ryan is correct. Nonetheless, he’s lying through his teeth, feeding the American public a complete bill of sale. This. Is. Bullshit.

As I put it:

As someone else put it, there’s no law that says I can’t buy my own, private, Caribbean island. No one is denying me that right. The reality however…

Still proud of yourselves, Trump voters?


I Had To Ask, Didn’t I?

Yesterday I asked if any GOP Representatives were going to be ballsy or stupid enough to actually hold a Town Hall meeting while on this week’s recess.

Turns out I didn’t give them enough credit.

Meet GOP Representative Raul Labrador from Utah’s 1st District. Today he made himself famous.



Do You See Any Town Halls Scheduled?

Some pundit on the news tonight said that the House had adjourned for a week following their “victory” in ramming TrumpCare through (without debate, without being available for public comments, without the OMB being able to give any information about its costs and effects) and they would now all be going to their home districts to hold Town Hall meetings and get together with their constituents.

Whatever she’s smoking, I want some. It’s gotta be the good shit!

The last recess the one or two Town Halls that Republicans tried to hold had the Congresscritters being no-shows. This was due to the huge number of extremely pissed off constituents waiting there to ask why the Congressman was trying to kill people and not doing his fucking job. There was even video of one guy getting there, seeing the crowd, and ducking out a back door into a waiting car while reporters and camera crews were chasing him.

So, to summarize – oligarchs, liars, traitors, AND cowards.

See this? This is my surprised face.

Let me know if you see any Town Halls actually being scheduled by any Republicans, let alone having them actually show up and face the music.

Note Their Names

The disgusting, evil, petulant, psychotic “leaders” of the Republican Party in the House of Representatives today were successful in arm twisting enough of their members to allow them to pass one of the most heinous, nauseating pieces of legislation in US history.

If ever signed into law (it won’t be, but more on that in a second) it would make it impossible for over 24 million Americans to get health care, leaving them to simply get sick and die. Pure. And. Simple. What goal did this accomplish? It allowed them to give a billion dollar tax break to billionaires who are trying to decided if they should buy their fourth private Caribbean island or their tenth private jet. For this, children will die when the cures are readily available.

The odds of this legislation ever becoming law are astronomical because it has to get passed by the Senate, when it has already been declared by the GOP leaders in the Senate. When your “friends” or “teammates” are telling you that you fucked up and are wasting your time, you might want to listen to them.

What this legislation has done is shaken the bushes and flushed out the snakes. Note carefully which Republicans voted “yes” on this bill. Pay special attention to the nineteen who had voted “no” on the first two versions that failed, but flipped their vote today. These nineteen are the slimiest of the slimy.

You see, in case it’s not already crystal clear, the objection to the earlier versions by the ultra right-wingers (i.e., Nazis or Tea Partiers, they’re all the same) was that it didn’t deny healthcare to enough people. Too many poor people were allowed to live. IT WASN”T FUCKING EVIL **ENOUGH**!

But this third bill? It will condemn the old, the young, and above all, it will condemn women. So these nineteen voted for it.

Thanks for self identifying, folks! Now we know who to target first when we go after the “leaders” who are trying to turn this country into a third world dictatorship.

Personally, I won’t be happy until every Representative who voted “yes” is working the graveyard shift at a McDonald’s and having to try to keep themselves and their families fed, housed, and alive on minimum wage and the health care plan they voted for today.

I know it won’t happen, but a guy’s gotta have something to dream for, right?

Real Outrage

If you live in a district where there’s a Republican member of the House representing you, please call tonight and tomorrow to urge them to for a third time vote against the AHCA, otherwise known as Trumpcare.

It will take health care away from 24 million Americans in order to give a trillion dollar tax cut to multi billionaires. Pure and simple. Anything else they tell you is an outright lie. Total bullshit.

Trump supporters – is this truly the “man of the people” that you thought was your white knight? The man who swore to “drain the swamp” but has surrounded himself with Goldman Sachs billionaires?

Yesterday I talked about the faux outrage being shown by the right-wing bots when their big guy got insulted on television and called out for being a sanctimonious prick. (He is a sanctimonious prick – deal with it.)

Today, here’s my real outrage:

Faux Outrage

SCROTUS has an interview with one of the most respected journalists in television today and he spends it insulting his guest, his guest’s show, his guest’s network, and his guest’s industry. In ridiculing the press, he is displaying a classic tactic of dictators throughout history, attempting to discredit the watchdogs of society who are most likely to alert the citizenry to the dangers of his reign.

Does he think he’s being cute? Does he think he’s being funny? No, I suspect he’s just a flaming asshole, enjoys being a flaming asshole, and even takes pride in being a flaming asshole.

Then when our journalist ignores the insults and jibberish and tries to ask actual serious questions, SCROTUS ends the interview abruptly and walks out. Why? BECAUSE HE’S A FUCKING COWARD, that’s why.

Then last night, Stephen Colbert took SCROTUS to task on his late night show. Colbert, who is a comedian and a very well paid one because he has a very successful comedy and variety show, told jokes that made fun of SCROTUS and called him bad names.

Today all of the tough talking conservatives are up in arms and demanding that CBS fire Colbert. Interesting… Remind me again how absolutely none of the conservative talk show hosts ever made a single insulting or mean spirited remark about Obama.

Today all of the tough talking conservatives are demanding that we boycott CBS. Interesting… Remind me how well it went over when they demanded a boycott of “Beauty & The Beast” because of the gay character, or the boycott of “Hamilton” because the audience booed Pence, or the boycott of Starbucks because…

Today all of the tough talking conservatives are screaming that you can’t say those kinds of things about the President. Interesting… Are they forgetting that one of their Asshole-In-Chief’s biggest campaign promises was to do away with political correctness? Or is it just that they’re only doing away with political correctness when they’re the ones being rude?

Today all of the tough talking conservatives are upset because one of the jokes involved a bleeped reference to a blow job. Interesting… Do they truly not realize that their VP is so homophobic that he attempted while governor of Indiana to push through legislation which would have made it legal to electrocute gay teens and torture them until they “healed” into straight people?

Today all of the tough talking conservatives are claiming that Colbert’s bit demeaned and diminished the office of the Presidency. Interesting… Will they ever be self-aware enough to realize that electing an ignorant, lying, racist sex offender already demeaned and diminished the Presidency more than anything a comedian will ever conceivably be able to do?

We all know the answers to those questions. I look forward to seeing Colbert’s late night ratings soaring to epic new heights in the next week or two.

As they should.

All of that faux outrage will go so well along with the faux patriotism, faux religion, and faux intelligence that they’re up to their eyebrows in.

Says It All For Today

“So, Paul, you need to stop beating around the bush and tell us how you really feel. It’s not good for you to keep your emotions bottled up like this…”

Look, if we were medieval serfs living out short, savage, despicable lives in squalor, disease, and hunger while the royalty dined on gold plates and owned 99% of the wealth… Wait, bad analogy. Or good, depending on what you’re trying to prove.

But we’re not serfs. We know it can be better! We know what glorious and wonderful things we’re capable of when were not being fucked over by the politicians and plutocrats.

First of all, we can go to, well…Pluto.

Unfortunately, we can’t send the plutocrats. Two birds with one stone and all of that.

But what we can do, and are doing, is the absolute fucking impossible:

It’s the contrast that’s the killer. If we can use a rocket to send a satellite into orbit and then turn it around, flying it back to the landing site like a Mach 3 lawn dart, then why do we have a pathologically lying psychotic President who couldn’t pass a 5th grade history test?

I want to live in Elon’s reality, not Trump’s total lack of reality.

101 Days

Not surprisingly, today looks a lot like yesterday. It just doesn’t have one of those “magic” numbers attached to it.

Nonetheless, let’s not forget that we have a actual insane madman as President, who has surrounded himself with billionaires and oligarchs who consider the Constitution to be an impediment rather than a guide, who is alienating all of our international allies while picking a fight with North Korea like a 3rd grade bully (if 3rd graders had nukes and ICBMs).

He still has yet to release his tax returns, now flat out says he never will, and anyone with the brains God gave a slime mold knows that the reason is almost certainly because his tax returns will show how many billions of dollars in debt he is to the Russian oligarchs. Those would be the same Russians who manipulated the US election to get him into the White House to begin with, aided by almost everyone in his campaign, including his chief of staff, his National Security Adviser, his Vice-President, his campaign manager, his son-in-law…

The Constitution has a word for that. It’s “treason.”

Oh, yeah, and the madman is a pathological liar who couldn’t tell the truth if his life depended on it. He denies so many verifiable facts (like how he lost the popular vote) and spouts at length so much verifiable bullshit (like how the previous Administration had his campaign under surveillance) that we’re truly living in a “black=white” world. He denies climate change to the extent that his cronies and sycophants have deleted the term from the EPA and other government websites, while his EPA appointee is trying to get the agency shut down and disbanded within two years.

The TrumpenFuhrer is aided and abetted by Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, both of whom should be in prison for the rest of their lives for the damage they’re doing to this country.

There’s the golf. There’s the “rallys” that he’s throwing for himself. There’s the clown he has as Press Secretary. There’s his threats to ignore the First Amendment and start suing newspapers that say bad things about him. There’s the open promotion of racism, misogyny, and bigotry. There’s his obsession with this wall when THERE’S NEVER GOING TO BE A FUCKING WALL, EVER, PERIOD.

There’s the fact that almost every word he speaks and every act he takes is something that he raked Obama over the coals for on Twitter back in 2012 and 2013 and 2014 and 2015… As other have noted, it’s almost like 2017 Trump was desperately sending time traveling messages to 2013 Trump to warn him of impending doom.

It’s been 101 days and I still wake up and think that it must have all been a horrible nightmare because even the assclowns who run the Republican Party wouldn’t ever be stupid enough to do that, right? The the news comes on and the world crashes in even though it makes absolutely no sense.

Trump’s already talking about his second term – I’ve heard some of his psychotic followers talking about his third and fourth. (Isn’t that another one of the certifiably insane conspiracy theories that they said Obama was going to do? The stupid, the hypocrisy, the ignorance – it burns us, it does!)

What can we do on Day 102 to make sure that this evil fucking bastard isn’t in the White House on Day 200? Or even Day 150?

There’s a reason to get out of bed in the morning!

100 Days

To celebrate, I listened to an extended conversation among otherwise normal and intelligent people, all of whom were astonished by the way the mainstream media is bashing Trump while ignoring all of the fantastic things he’s done in his first 100 days.

All afternoon I’ve been wondering why I have this shooting pain coming from my jaw, down my neck, all the way into my back. I finally realized that I must have pulled a couple of muscles in the effort to keep my mouth shut and not engage with them.

What fucking planet are these people from?

We are so, so screwed.


The last few weeks have been a bit all-consuming for me with non-political priorities. The tl;dr version is that I run an accounting department for a non-profit corporation, we have annual audits, and there’s a reasonably hard deadline for getting that audit done. This year was more intense and prolonged than previous years for some reason.

As much as some of us can’t admit that we’re not capable of giving up (“Hi, my name is Paul and I’m a knucklehead who doesn’t know when it’s time to declare victory and quit” – your line is, “Hi, Paul!”) the truth that we can so often see in others but not in ourselves is that we’re not unbreakable. We can’t do it all. We’re not supermen or gods, no matter how much we might think that we could be.

That’s where this political shit storm comes in – it’s just another layer of stress, frustration, grief, and anger piled on top of the ones we already have in our lives from work, family, relationships, money, school, and all of the other every day stressors that surround us. And it’s not a small one. And it can be invasive, permeating into every aspect of our lives if we let it.

If we’re spending time watching the news, reading and getting into arguments on Twitter and Facebook, and planning and participating in marches and protests, that can make a serious dent in our time budget. When that budget is already overdrawn, your sleep time suffers as you try to get it all done anyway. When you’re not sleeping well because of the stress and then you’re sleeping less over all – you’re gonna die!

Don’t die. Don’t even let it make you sick, or literally crazy.

What’s going on in Washington is NOT NORMAL by any rational definition of “normal,” and there’s no way that it should be treated that way. BUT… it’s not so abnormal that life needs to be radically, 100% changed. Life’s got to go on. You need to keep your job. You need to spend time with your family and friends. You need to find time to do things you enjoy, whatever that might be.

You need to take care of yourself.

When there are Russian tanks rolling down the 405 Freeway, THEN you’ll be justified in abandoning everything normal about your life in order to fight 24/7/365. When your neighbors are being hauled off to camps, you and I will be in the resistance, doing whatever we need to do to make the horrors stop. When American democracy is being replaced by a literal oligarch-based theocracy, then it’s time to take to the barricades.

In the meantime, keep alert, stay vocal, keep up the pressure, do whatever you can. But it’s not a crime to take a day off to go to a ballgame. Or to put in the hours at the office that you need to keep the company going and your job intact.

You need to find that balance.