A Show Of Hands, Please?

The overlord of hype, bombast, and bullshit, his SCROTUSness himself, says that he’s perfectly willing to testify under oath to refute those horrible, nasty, evil things being said about him.

The assumption his Cluelessness makes is that we’ll all believe without question that anything and everything he says under oath will be 100% the truth.

Given that he’s a pathological liar who seems to be incapable of even determining the difference between the truth and lies, given that he’s shown blatant disregard for even the pretense of honoring the office of the Presidency, the law, or the Constitution, given that he appears to be so delusional that he might actually believe the blatant, bald-faced bullshit that spews from his face…

…given all of that, who among us believes that he will tell the absolute truth, even under oath at a Congressional hearing, even with the consequences of his lies at that point being impeachment and jail time?

A quick show of hands?



Anyone at all?


I’ve Been Busier Than God Today…

At least three major time-suck missions from god all converging at once with deadlines from Hell, so I haven’t had much of a chance today to go online at all or check the news or Twitter or any social media.

I did notice that SCROTUS hasn’t sent out any tweets in over twenty-four hours, which I think actually is a first since he got into the game well over a year ago. He’s okay, right?

Did something happen today?

25,000 Tweets

A Key Difference Between Nixon & Trump

I’ve just had a most horrible thought. Which, of course, I would like to share with y’all.

The latest poll numbers out tonight show that Trump’s approval ratings continue to fall and are now only five points higher than Nixon’s were at the point where he resigned.

As the observant reader would note (which possibly assumes that I have at least two readers, which might not be verifiable), I’m not expecting Trump to resign. I’m expecting him to hold on to the bitter end, get impeached and probably accused of outright treason, probably forcing a Constitutional crisis unprecedented in United States history, and then either actually destroying the United States as a political entity or ending up for the rest of his life in jail.

But for the sake of argument, let’s say he takes his marbles and goes home. Quits. Resigns.

Remember what Nixon did when he resigned? He took refuge at his estate in San Clemency down by San Diego and wallowed in depression and misery for a while. Okay, later on he did the interviews with David Frost (because he was dead broke and needed the money) and he wrote a bunch of books (which no one ever forced me to read by dint of a large caliber firearm being held at my temple) so for the most part he was a non-entity if you weren’t going out of your way to see or hear him.

When Trump resigns?

We’re going to be listening to that loudmouth, fatuous, bloviated gas bag spew his bullshit EVERY. SINGLE. FUCKING. DAY. FOR. THE. REST. OF. HIS. PATHETIC. MISERABLE. FUCKING. LIFE.

And you know, you just KNOW, with social media and the current news media what it is, every single word of it will be front page news. FOREVER.

Ignorance, hatred, and stupidity. The gifts that just keep on giving.


The hysteria gets more shrill, the lies more brazen, the ridiculous claims by SCROTUS get more unbelievable, and the excuses by his evil sycophants get more untenable.

All I can think of is this:

Put an unsecure iPhone in SCROTUS’s hands instead of a set of ball bearings and you’re already 99% there.

I do not have a single iota of love or compassion for Pence, Sessions, Ryan, McConnell, Tillerson, Mnuchin, Zinke, Bannon, Ross, Price, Carson, Perry, DeVos, Kushner, Shulkin, Kelly, Priebus, Coats, Mulvaney, Pruitt, or McMahon. They can all of them be thrown into the deepest, darkest, most miserable cell in solitary confinement and left to rot there.

But before they go, before they literally destroy the United States of America as a country and lead Western Civilization into a Dark Age from which it will take the human race centuries to recover, can these morons please grow a spine for just enough time to invoke Section 4 of the 25th Amendment and get that insane fucker out of the White House?

Yeah, I didn’t think so either, but it was worth asking for.

The Pigeons Are Winning!

Shit, no wonder I didn’t get any comments on this post! When you hit “save” instead of “publish,” you probably shouldn’t be allowed out in public without an adult.

From Saturday, June 3rd, with some appropriate clean up for the tenses.

I shamelessly stole this from David Marquez over on FaceBook:

Saturday I made a mistake in a face-to-face encounter with a co-worker, a known Trump cult member, and a vocal and aggressive one at that. I only said “I will not discuss politics” twenty times, when the situation called for at least twenty-one.

“Give me one example!” So I gave him ten.

He spouted total gibberish, such as “the CO2 levels do this all the time!” I pointed out the evidence and cited locations where he can see it for himself.

“That’s fake!” He proceeded to spout bullshit about how the Paris Accords will destroy the United States economy, citing the West Virginia coal mining industry as an example.

Gave him facts on how few people are employed by the US coal mining industry and how many are employed in renewable energy industries. Got a bullshit response about how solar and wind will never work because of night and calm days.

One word – “batteries.”

Get a load of propaganda about how China’s building ten new coal-fired power plants a week…

And that’s another hour of my life that I’ll never be able to get back.

The pigeons are multiplying and winning.

Anyone want some squab?

FaceBook Could Help

These are trying times we live in – we can all use any help we can get. It occurs to me tonight that FaceBook has in its power the ability to take a major step to releasing a tiny little bit of stress for us.

For the longest time of course, we could only “like” a FaceBook post. We would tap and that little blue “thumbs up!” icon would let the world know that we approved!

Now we have options:

Great, but do you see it? Do you see the unwitting error in their user interface design?

Look at how far over that “anger” icon is! And “sad” is almost as bad!

C’mon, admit it, how many posts do you react to with the “like” or “love” icons? Proportionately? 1% maybe? Yeah, the occasional cat or puppy video, maybe a cute picture from a second cousin’s graduation. But it’s not like the old days.

“Haha” or “wow” are even more useless these days. With all of that political bullshit going on, there’s just no room left on the internet for pictures of people texting while walking and going into fountains. As for the videos of punk kids parkour failing and smashing their faces on the pavement as they go off of a third story roof, they’re just not as “wow” getting as watching Western Civilization go down in flames.

It’s a tough market!

If you’re anything like me, it’s that “angry” icon that’s working double overtime, with “sad” a close second. So why are those two icons so far out there on the right? Every single time I see something on FaceBook I have to slide all the way over past all of those other icons to get to the ones I’m using 99.99+% of the time.

So, Mark Zuckerberg, help us out! Think of all of the thumb skin cells that we can save by not sliding across the screen so much! Think of all of the Gorilla Glass molecules that are dying every day from frantic friction when they deserve to live!

Move the icons that we’re using the most over to where it’s a short reach for them! Better yet, make the “mad” icon the default, a position which it so richly deserves!

Given the role that FaceBook and other social media sites have played in changing society to get us into this simmering bucket of shit to begin with, it would seem to be the least that you could do.