Still reeling after the batshit crazy rant that our current Leader of the Free World had yesterday. Well over an hour of incoherent ranting and raving, insults, lies, outright bullshit – all to prove (in his mind and in his mind alone) that he’s not ranting and raving.

How many times did he mention Hillary? A dozen? More? (Have I mentioned that I don’t give a fuck about what you think Hillary or Obama or Bernie did or didn’t do or might have done or could do? Oh, yes, I did.)

How many times did he call the press dishonest, liars, disgraceful, and on and on and on? Too many to count.

How many times did he whine like a spoiled two-year old about “the mess” he inherited? (Which is a total, provable, easily debunked, 100% LIE, but we digress.) Eight? Ten?

How many times did he blame everyone on the planet, both foreign and domestic, for every conceivable ill while never, ever accepting any blame or responsibility? Who could sit through this debacle enough times to keep track, and why would anyone want to do that to themselves?

On the other hand, despite industrial sized dollops of braggadocio and bluster, how many facts did he give about his programs?


How many statistics did he give to back up his outrageous and bizarre claims?


How many examples did he share to show how right he was and how wrong everyone else was?


How many sentences did he utter that wouldn’t have a second grade English teacher writhing in agony over the mangled grammar, run on and rambling sentences, and totally incoherent trains of thought?


Congratulations to everyone who voted for this abomination. I’m sure there were a good number of his most loyal and devoted followers who crawled out from under their rocks and would follow him to the gates of Hell. (Actually, there’s an idea I could get behind!) But it’s the majority of his voters who simply drank the Kool-Aid being sprayed out by the GOP machine who I blame the most.

“How bad could he be?”

“He’ll change!”

“He doesn’t really mean that!”

Welcome to the nightmare, you fucking idiots.

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