It’s The Economy, Stupid!

It was true in 1992 when Bill Clinton was running, and it’s just as true now. But here’s a bigger problem. Not only do the clowns in charge, particularly in the White House, not know much about actually having policies and thinking them through and being responsible, but they know even less about the actual nuts and bolts workings of the government.

Billionaires. Wall Street tycoons. One stuffed suit after another who haven’t been in a grocery store in decades, if ever. Egomaniacs who haven’t pumped their own gas since the Arab oil embargo in the early 1970’s, if even then. Ignorant yahoos who wouldn’t be caught dead in a less-than-four-stars restaurant, let alone grabbing a burger and fries at Mickey Dee’s.

(Anyone want to take a bet that 90%+ of the top people in the Trump regime wouldn’t know what “Mickey Dee’s” is if you used the name?)

But these are the guys driving the ship of state now, without a clue about how it works. And the wheels of the government (and reality) grind on, regardless of whether or not anyone sane or competent is at the tiller.

Remember the debt ceiling? Remember how every time the Obama administration needed to raise it it was just short of an all-out shooting war in Congress to get the job done, and at least twice they didn’t. At least twice that I remember, the government just shut down all but critically essential services because it had no money and no legal authority to borrow.

Guess what’s coming at us like a freight train?

Guess who’s now scrambling and trying to raise the debt ceiling without being seen to be responsible for raising the debt ceiling?

Guess which Cheeto-colored imbecile is clueless about what’s happening, what his job is, what the Congress’ job is, how dangerous this sort of bullshit can be if you don’t work with the other side to get it done. Go ahead, guess!

We put blind, mentally deficient, insane people in charge of our national government. This after years of putting similar people in charge of state governments has proven to be a universal catastrophe. (Hello, Kansas, I’m looking at you!)

Unless calmer, cooler, and more intelligent heads prevail and prevail quickly, we’re going to see the US economy crash into reality like the Hindenberg exploding into flames over New Jersey.

Pro tip: there aren’t any calmer, cooler, and more intelligent heads in Washington.

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