By Very, Very Skeptical

So SCROTUS shot 65 Tomahawk cruise missiles into Syria at a cost of about $90M and accomplished what?

The military airfield that was hit was back in use today. There are no reports of casualties or damage to any Russian planes or personnel, despite the fact that they were based there. Perhaps they bugged out after someone in the US government warned them that the attack was coming.


For 24-hours, no one was talking about how almost every single person in the Trump regime is connected to some shadowy Russian connection that leads straight to Putin.

As that banner behind Dubya during that stupid speech fourteen years ago, “Mission Accomplished!”

This was a $90M dog and pony show, carefully orchestrated to have lots of flash and bang and just about 0.000% chance of any Russian assets or personnel, or Russian supplied Syrian aircraft, getting injured or damaged. This was the magician wiggling his fingers to get you to look there while he palmed the card over here.

This was the man behind the curtain pulling levers and pushing buttons, screaming into the microphone about how he is the great and powerful Oz!

Normal human beings deserve to be assumed to be honest until proven otherwise. This President has proven by his every action and every word that he should be assumed to be lying through his teeth until proven otherwise.

When he tells you that he just took decisive military action to avenge those 100+ women and children who died in the serin gas attack undertaken by the Syrian Air Force, but he’s still not allowing any of those Syrian refugees into our country, be skeptical.

Be very, very skeptical.

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