One Question Among Many

I had an “exchange of viewpoints” with a couple of SCROTUS supporters (could they be called “jerk-straps?”) and as usual, the more they were presented with facts verified by multiple independent sources, and in many cases from Trump’s own speeches and Twitter account, the more they dug in their heels and refused to admit that Trump was anything other than the greatest thing to ever happen to this country.

That sort of “logic” brings up so, so, so many questions, but if I only got to ask one tonight, it would be this, offered with complete sincerity:

If you had to pick a cult to join, why didn’t you pick one with more wild, crazy, kinky sex? I mean, if you’re going to be in a cult and one of them has you screaming nonsense and bullshit and following Trump around and the other has you screaming nonsense and bullshit while participating in orgies that would have the Romans envious, why would you pick Trump?

I understand that the Trump cult does have its kinky, perverted sex – but only for Trump, apparently, and only when the Russians have the blackmail tapes going.

Is that fair? Spread the wealth, Donny boy!! Your followers are getting cranky, they could use the R&R.

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