Eyes On Montana

Tonight the GOP candidate for Montana’s vacant Senate seat assaulted a reporter and body slammed him to the ground for asking a question about the federal budget.

“Fake news?” There were witnesses, including a Fox News team.

Gianforte’s team initially tried to lie their way out of it, claiming that it was the fault of the “liberal reporter.”

It’s not Gianforte’s first run-in with reporters. He’s echoed SCROTUS’s sentiment that the press is “the enemy.” At one of his town hall meetings he pointed out a reporter and pointed out that his supporters outnumbered him by quite a bit.

The reporter who was assaulted today – did he work for some ultra left-wing rag? Nope, for the respected British newspaper, The Guardian. He is however the same reporter that a few weeks ago broke the story that Gianforte has a considerable amount of investment in Russian corporations, many with ties to Putin and his oligarch.

The election is tomorrow. Montana residents can vote even if they haven’t yet registered since Montana law has a provision for polling place instant registration.

Your call, Montana. Forget about Republicans vs. Democrats. Forget about liberals vs. conservatives. Screw all of that.

It’s real simple. You can send a guy to Congress who assaults reporters for asking questions, lies about it, then leaves the scene. Or you can send the other guy, who’s trying to preserve health care for the majority of you who are going to lose it if the GOP has their way.

If you choose Gianforte, don’t worry. I’m sure he’ll never have to ever face a reporter again in Washington. It’s not like he’ll ever be an embarrassment to your state again.

At least, not until morning.

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